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Out of Death Trailer: Bruce Willis Faces Off Against Corrupt Cops

The new Jaime King and Bruce Willis thriller Out of Death is revealed in a new Screen Rant exclusive trailer, showing the film's tense action.

The official trailer for the upcoming thriller Out of Death has been released exclusively from Screen Rant, revealing the film’s tense action. Out of Death is directed by Mike Burns from a script by Bill Lawrence, and stars Jaime King and Bruce Willis. The film is scheduled to release on July 16, 2021.

Ever since returning to his famous John McClane role in Live Free or Die Hard, Willis has remained a steady force in the action movie genre. Films like Red and the Expendables franchise helped expand his reputation as one of the leading older stars in the action/thriller space. It’s no surprise then to see Willis in a movie like Out of Death, which seems to have strong similarities to Die Hard’s isolated-hero, hunter/hunted story. He’s joined in the new movie by King, who’s made a name for herself in the genre with films like Sin City and the Escape Plan series.

Both stars are featured heavily in the new Out of Death trailer. The footage shows Shannon (King), a hiker in a remote area who witnesses a police officer commit a gruesome murder. After she’s spotted and pursued, she enlists the help of Jack (Willis), a retired cop living in peace in a cabin nearby. The two go to war in the woods with what appears to be an extremely corrupt and dangerous police department, leading to a number of tense chases and showdowns. Check out the Out of Death trailer below, exclusively from Screen Rant.

In many ways, Out of Death resembles a modern subgenre of action movies that’s fallen a bit out of style in recent years – a subgenre that includes hits like Taken and Olympus has Fallen. The more high-style, impenetrable-hero-led approach of John Wick, Nobody, Atomic Blonde and the upcoming Gunpowder Milkshake have largely dominated the space over the past few years, so it’s fun to see a new movie embracing a different style. In Out of Death, the mystery surrounding Jack and Shannon’s foes seems just as important as the action itself.

Out of Death also has an action pedigree coming from the production side. Producer Randall Emmett has previously worked on films like 2008’s Rambo, Escape Plan, 2 Guns, and Extraction, which also starred Willis. Production companies like Emmett’s Emmett/Furla Oasis Films have kept the fires burning for classic-style action movies, often casting the same veteran stars who originally made the genre famous. Out of Death looks like it could be another great new thriller in that vein, likely to please fans of the genre when it releases on July 16.

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