Who We Are


Chad A. Verdi

President / CEO

At the early age of 18 years old Mr. Verdi acquired his first business, a RI television listing newspaper called TV Facts that is still in publication today.


By the age of 21, Verdi acquired several other businesses in the food service sector throughout RI. By age 30, Verdi owned, co-owned or had investments in over a dozen businesses that ranged from food and toy manufacturing to restaurants and hi-tech developments in the biotechnology field. Over the last 13 years, Mr. Verdi has been involved in over 1.2 billion dollars in business mergers, reverse mergers, start-ups and acquisitions and currently owns, co-owns or has investments in more than two dozen businesses in diversified industries with more than 1000 local employees and sales of more than $100 million nationwide.


Entering the film industry in 2009 to pursue his passion to tell the story of boxer Vinny Pazienza, Verdi has since produced over twenty feature films. Throughout his career, Verdi has partnered with director Martin Scorsese on five projects, most recently Netflix's The IrishmanClick for IMDb

Michelle Verdi has pursued her passion for music from a very young age: she has traveled all over the USA and has attended close to 1000 live performances spanning all musical genres.


With the formation of Verdi Productions, Ms. Verdi has been able to turn this passion into a profession, seeking out veteran and up-and-coming artists for The Company’s films. Her goal: to seek out innovative musical acts that are appropriate for each individual film. Ms. Verdi serves on The Company’s Board of Directors alongside Chad A. Verdi.


Previously, Ms. Verdi has been the Vice Chairman of Verdi Consulting. She is also the co-owner of a large real estate portfolio that includes the 175-year-old former United Methodist Church in East Greenwich, RI where the Constitution of RI was adopted. Click for IMDb

Michelle Verdi

Music / Talent Supervisor


Chad A. Verdi Jr.

Executive Producer

Chad A. Verdi Jr. is a Producer currently residing in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Throughout his high school years, Chad worked as a Production Assistant on several of his parents' movie sets. He was able to gain first-hand experience on how films were made from the beginning of pre-production all the way to the eventual sale. This early exposure to the film industry allowed Chad to gain valuable experience at an incredibly young age.


In 2013, Chad would go on to graduate from La Salle Academy. He continued his education at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he graduated in 2017 and received his bachelor's degree in Philosophy. After graduating, Chad decided to hold off on moving back to Rhode Island, instead pursuing a career in real estate. 


After 1 year in real estate, Chad decided to pack up his things and move back home to pursue his filmaking passion by joining his father and mother in producing films full time. The experience from working in real estate has provided Chad with the an array of sales tactics and people skills that are necessary in creating and selling a successful film. Combine this with his previous knowledge attained from being on set in high-school and you have a recipe for success at Verdi Productions. Click for IMDb


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