Who We Are

Chad A. Verdi

President / CEO

At the early age of 18 years old Mr. Verdi acquired his first business, a RI television listing newspaper called TV Facts that is still in publication today.


By the age of 21, Verdi acquired several other businesses in the food service sector throughout RI. By age 30, Verdi owned, co-owned or had investments in over a dozen businesses that ranged from food and toy manufacturing to restaurants and hi-tech developments in the biotechnology field. Over the last 13 years, Mr. Verdi has been involved in over 1.2 billion dollars in business mergers, reverse mergers, start-ups and acquisitions and currently owns, co-owns or has investments in more than two dozen businesses in diversified industries with more than 1000 local employees and sales of more than $100 million nationwide.


Entering the film industry in 2009 to pursue his passion to tell the story of boxer Vinny Pazienza, Verdi has since produced over twenty feature films. Throughout his career, Verdi has partnered with director Martin Scorsese on five projects, most recently Netflix's The IrishmanClick for IMDb


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